Hello! Let’s jump right in

Hello first time and frequent visitors! This website is being put together with the help of many to create an awesome community, aimed at helping each other. The main reason being..
Why not??

We aim to have one of the most extensive lists of creative and simple teaching ideas, games and advice for those working as English teachers. And we hope it will be well organized!! To save you time and hopefully help you reduce some stress! Of course, the ideas can probably be applied elsewhere and are not restricted to just teaching. Read and apply whatever you deem fit!

Our second goal is to share stories of those that have already traveled and experienced the difficulties of living overseas. We say difficulties, as we believe the biggest joys in life can be found after hard struggles. People are more likely to remember lessons told through stories, rather than just listed experiences, in our opinion. So please have a read, and apply whatever wisdom you believe may benefit you.

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