Can you help us?

Do you have any English game ideas that have rocked your classroom??
Your “go to’s”, ones that you can use to help students learn and enjoy at the same time?   If you wish to be a part of something great, I hope you will consider adding just one game to this community! (Of course, the sky’s the limit!)

Together, we can make this the greatest resource to teachers in any location, at any position; however only with your help!
So if you have games for teaching, we would love to hear them!
Especially :

  • How you play it?
  • The age, number of students and skill level you recommend?
  • Any advice you have to make it go smoothly!

And of course we will credit you! We are not thieves!! And if you would like to send in a picture of yourself we will add it to your game’s page!

This is a website built by teachers, to help teachers! I garuntee everyone will thoroughly enjoy hearing what you wish to share, and you will definitely save more people’s days than you think!

Send us an email at
Please label the subject “Your name’s game idea”!!

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