Here we will aim to put about 1/2 a dozen simple pieces of advice for each section, where although they are easy to overlook, we believe they will make 80% of the difference in your dialy lives, for work or social.

We encourage you to have a read. And not just to read, please try them out. Actively try one to three piece(s) of advice for a month, see if it has any affects for you. (Actively means consciously thinking about applying a practice every day. If you are casual, it can be hard for you to obtain worthwhile results) . Don’t go halfway, we really hope you give them good go!

Choose from your companions or different point of views:

Aussie Advice


Any advice for other beginners living and teaching in a different country??
Perhaps you may even change someone you’ve never met’s life for the better 🙂

Send us your advice and a short introduction of yourself to
Subject heading “Advice from your name“!
We (and many others) can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

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