Treasure hunt with a twist (Rumplestiltskin)


This game can sometimes take a few times to explain, as it is a treasure hunt game which everyone knows, although a little backwards!

How to play:

  1. Go through your flashcards or learning material. Next explain the game.
  2. Teacher will hide a smaller version of the flashcard around the room, and everyone (or smaller groups) will have to find the flashcard. After they find it however, they shouldn’t say they did!
  3. The winner of the game is the one who finds the flashcard, and returns to their chair to sit down first. The last person to find the flashcard and return to their chair is the loser. Everyone else, is just safe (they didn’t lose so to speak).
  4. Afterwards, remember who was first and ask them to show everyone where it was. You can reward with stars or let the winner hide the card next.
  5. Because the kids really like this game, and it’s exciting, I usually do any English practice before we hide the flashcard. For example, show the flashcard, ask how to spell, or use it in a sentence. Then tell everyone to come up to the front, turn around and close their eyes and hide it.



  • If you get the whole class playing at once, just remove any obstacles they might trip on. Remind them it’s not okay to push each other to get to their seat first.
  • If you let the kids hide the flashcard next, go over some rules of where to place them, like not in people bags and the sort.

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