Memory Reading

Age: 6 or above.
Skill level: Intermediate and above.
Class size: Under 15.

This game can be quite a good dialogue reading game. It’s simple so have fun with it!

How to play

  1. Have students read the dialogue, work on pronunciation of difficult words first.
  2. Next write a number next to each line. It works out if the number of lines = number of students.
  3. Explain you will give them a secret number, and they must remember. The idea is whoever has the number 3, they must read line 3.
  4. You can do in many ways, like drawing cards or rolling dice. I usually get kids to put their heads on their desk and close their eyes. After flick of the lights and tap them on the head with a long stick or roll of paper and distribute the numbers. Afterwards, turn the lights back on. Make sure everyone’s ready.
  5. If it’s easy, give a challenge. Like the whole dialogue must flow, if it does they get a star, and if it doesn’t teacher gets one. Remember to correct any mistakes made. And if it’s really easy you can ask them to close their books and try remember the dialogue.



  • Like most games, it’s all about presentation. Just have fun with it!
  • Some students will forget their number (or pretend to), or not understand the first time so don’t worry and just guide them a little further.  It can be scary at first reading on your own.
  • If your class size is big, or your dialogue is small, just read in teams. This may even help for student with less confidence.

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