Wizard Battle!

Age: Kindergarten and Younger elementary (3-7 years of age)
Skill level: Beginner (L) to Intermediate (U)
Class size: Under 20 students.

I love using this one for kindy and younger elementary students just because they are so cute! It won’t require too much prep, and you can reuse the props!

Simple rules

  1. The game is simple, introduce everyone today you will be having a magic/witch/wizard battle! Split them into two teams.
  2. Call up two students from each team at a time, they will stand back to back first. Let them put on their hat and pass them their wands.
  3. Everyone can count “one” and they must take a step forward, “two”, one more step. Here teacher should choose a flashcard and show it to the class so everyone can see.
  4. When everyone counts “three” they must turn around, check the flashcard teacher is holding, say it, and blast the opponent with their magic powers.
  5. The winner is the fastest, or the better acter if they are the same time.


  • A bigger hat that covers their eyes is better than a smaller hat that will just fall off their heads.
  • Keep getting sitting students to cheer on their teammates, and talk about the score of the teams after every few pairs.
  • If you cannot keep their attention, of course they will just play with each other, they are kids.  Awarding points for good cheering is always a good idea.
  • Just go with it, really make it immersive. Fool them into learning English.


  • You need to make 2 witch/wizard hats and 2 wands out of paper. If you have actual costumes that will of course be great!! (Like a cloak or wizarding robe!)
  • Coloured construction paper is perfect. Make a wand by rolling up a smaller piece of brown construction paper around a pencil. Stronger is better because they will play and destroy it.
  • You can make a hat by having two pieces of black or white construciton paper, making a cone with one, and attaching a ring shaped piece of construction paper to the underside of the cone to make the rim of the hat. Dont forget to make 2 hats!!

instructions 1

instructions 2

That is just how I did it, I’m sure there are better ways to make them! I think it took me 20 minutes!

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