Which is missing?

Age: All ages. Just change how you play depending on age.
Skill level: Any
Class size: Less than twenty students.

Which is missing is a very simple game yet is so versatile. It’s definitely one of my go to’s! Personally I’ve played this game over a hundred times!

How to play:

  1. You may place flashcards in a place where everyone can see. On the table, on the whiteboard, floor, as long as everyone can see. It’s good to go through them first, and possibly even the spelling.
  2. Tell everyone to close their eyes. If they are kids they will of course try to look and fool you haha. You can tell them they won’t get any points if they are peeking, or to put their heads down on their desks or in their laps.
  3. After they open their eyes, they must try find the missing one. You can make this as hard or as easy as you need to. Either add more vocabulary words to the original selection, or take away more cards, and shuffle the order.
  4. After they guess the correct card, ask them to use it in a sentence or spell it in order to gain bonus points.

Simple advice:

  • Depending on your classroom and equipment you can make it more exciting. For example, turn of the lights, “okay everyone, let’s go to sleep”. (it also helps kids be distracted from peeking)
  • No matter the age everyone likes challenge and competition. Use these as motivation.
  • If you’re teaching younger kids, remember to be silly! They love that and will learn best when having fun.
  • With more advanced students you can bump up the difficulty, and use sentences rather than flashcards, and you could also just omit a few words from some sentences and ask them to figure it out.

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