Western Shootout

Age: 4 years and above.
Skill level: Any.
Class size: Below 20 students.

This game is pretty fun and a good go to! It provides great challenge and competition which when used well can make a really fun classroom game! I’ve never tried, however you can definitely add props to it, and make other variations! We say below twenty students for class size, as only two people will play at the same time, so it can be boring for others to wait.

How to play

  1. Divide the class into 2 teams.
  2. Students come up in pairs, they start off standing back to back.
  3. Give each of them a flashcard to hold. The class can cheer on their teammates.
  4. The class should then count, “one”, “two”, “three!” On one, the students at the front should take a step forward, on two, they should take another step. On three, they must turn around and read the other person’s flashcard first!
  5. First to read is the winner!



  • You can ask the slower person to use the word in a sentence or to spell it, so they can spend some time practicing and improving. Award bonus points if they do.
  • It’s always good to provide a demonstration on how to play, as it has quite a few steps to remember for first time players.
  • There isn’t really shooting involved despite the title, you may add it if you please.

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