Monster Game

Age: Kindergarten.
Skill level: Any.
Class size: Below 25.

Kindergarten kids are really cute, and this game is great to help remember and test vocabulary. Sometimes it’s hard to teach as a first time, yet it will become a favourite pretty soon. 

How to play:

  1. Show the students the flashcards, one by one. Get them to repeat.
  2. After you finish, flip through the flashcards, and ask students to say “stop”.
  3. When they do, get your marker and draw on the flashcard. If there is a picture, add some monster eyes, hands or legs to the object. It’s really funny if you are learning food.
  4. Make about 1/3 of your flashcards monsters. Get kids to put their chairs in a circle, chairs facing outwards.
  5. Play background music if you wish, students should walk around the circle. As they walk and you will cycle through the flashcards. Each time students shoud say the flashcard.
  6. When the monster one comes up, the kids have to sit down on their chair to be safe. If they don’t and the teacher catches them, they are out. Take a chair or two away after a few rounds.

Simple Advice

  • It’s recommended you be a cute type of scary more than a scary type of scary. Just because if you are too scary, they will probably cry hahaha (yes it’s happened before!)
  • If you’re pictures are more weird than scary, it’s probably better too. Kids have a big imagination.
  • Be sure to go over some rules first so they don’t hurt themselves. Like, “is it okay to run? Is it okay to push? Noooo.” If you show them the action as you say it, they can see and understand.

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