Bang Game

Age: Above 7.
Skill Level: Any.
Class size: Below or around 25.

We called this “Around the world” when I was at Primary school, however my students started call it “Bang game”, which is probably easier to remember (I think you will understand).

How to play:

  1. Either separate the class into teams, or have them be solo players. Either is fine, yet teams is better for students with lower confidence, so we suggest starting with teams.
  2. Everyone stands up, teacher will choose two people who will compete against each other. You can ask everyone to cheer.
  3. Teacher will say their names ” Jessie and James. Three, two, one..” Then show one flashcard. The students must say the name of the flashcard, point their fingers in a gun shape and say “bang” after saying the flashcard. They can point at each other, or the flashcard.
  4. The fastest person is still alive, the other must sit down. Continue until last man or last team standing.
  5. It’s a fast game, and some students lose early, so it’s recommended you play a couple of times in one sitting.


  • You may not condone students shooting each other in the school, so you can think of other methods of playing the same game. For example, they can clap once, say the flashcard, and clap again. Something simple is best.
  • The game is more about the competition and rewarding feeling if you can beat your opponent, rather than the fun in shooting people haha.
  • This game can inspire a lot of confidence in some students, especially if they beat the other students who they thought were better than them. Of course, it can have the opposite effect too, shy students may not want to play as much, that’s why we encourage teams and cheering from everyone to support each other, as well as multiple play throughs of the game in the same lesson.

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