Who took the…?

Age: Any
Skill level: Beginner (U) –> Intermediate (U)
Class size: Equal to or greater than 8. Larger class size,  use more items, eg. for 30 students use at least 3 bells/items, if not 5.

This game is great to for recognizing items and asking phrases similar to “Do you have ____?”, “Yes, I have ______ / No, I do not have _______”, or “I think _____”. It’s also a good warmup game. It can also be used as a spelling or speech game if you have more time. Ie. the loser/winner can do a speech or spell some word.

  1. Have someone sit at the front, on a chair with their eyes closed, holding an item behind their bags. It’s fun if it has some noise, like a small bell.
  2. The teacher can choose someone in the class to come up and take the item. After they go and sit down, everyone  must pretend they have it do trick the person who was sitting down.
  3. If the person who originally had the item can find the theif in 3 tries or less, they are the winner. If they cannot, they rest of the class is the winner.

Remember to let them use the phrases you are practicing! It’s best to have fun (in our opinion) and it’s even better when they learn whilst having fun.


  • Get the whole class involved. Make sure there are positive consequences for everyone if they participate, eg. if the person cannot find the correct thief, everyone in the class will get stars by their names!
  • If there is a teaching assistant, get them involved too!
  • Sometimes kids enjoy this game too much and they might stray off the course of practicing speaking their sentences. Be careful to watch the level of spoken English. Personally, I’ve had to tell actually tell a class to quieten down because they were in absolute hysterics. Too much fun!


We did not create this game, it’s commonly played througout the world!
We hope you consider trying it at least once!

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