Name Game

Age: kids probably at or below 8 years old.
Skill level: Beginner (L) to Intermeddiate (U).
Class size: Less than 20.
A great introductory game for kids. This game was taught to me by a superior who does not wish to be named.

The point of this game is to let the kids have fun with you (their teacher) and also to help you learn their  names! (Which can be quite challenging sometimes!)

The idea of the game is you walk around the class with a net, a fly swat or some long stick object, and you pretend you will catch/hit them (just give them a light tap on the head, no need for anything extreme here). If they don’t want to get hit or caught, they must say the name of someone else in the class and point to them. Thus, name game.


  • This game is all about showmanship, you can make it as fun or as boring as you want. We recommend you be fun and dramatic with it!
  • You might be dealing with students who don’t speak English well. In this case, to demonstrate the game you can use more actions than words. For example, if you know one students name, already, its worth walking up to a different student, pretending to bring the net on their heads, then say “quick, point, say their name, ____ ____ ___.”. After a few times, they will say, and you show the class you will go to the next person if they point and say someone else’s name. Kids are smart, they will catch on to fun games like this pretty quick.
  • Give them a time limit, like 3 dramatic steps or something!

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