Varied Hangman

Nowadays hangman is a little frowned upon for kids as it is a little dark. And we are calling it hangman just to refer to a game where the students guess letters to fill in the blank, as we think it is a well understood game idea.

There are plenty of variations you can play, they just have to have a counter! Here are some examples (We didn’t create these! We believe others thought of them first and are displaying them just to give you ideas on more to make!). It’s usually beneficial to put some kind of reward at the end, and some funny punishment for failure.

  • Parachuting hangman

Here, he just has to get to the island to get the stars for the students. If he doesn’t and falls in the water, teacher will take them.

Parachute Hangman

  • Cross the gap hangman

For every word they spell he can take a step across the pathway. For every wrong letter, the last step will crumble (and maybe teacher can take a step forward). Go get the stars before teacher can!

Cross the gap hangman

  • Falling coconuts hangman

You can do many things with the coconuts. Like they can be the lives, and the remaining ones will be the stars they receive. Or like the previous, a monkey can take one every few letters incorrect. And if they spell a word correctly the coconut will fall and they can get a star for their team.

Coconuts hangman

  • Helium hangman

For every correct word they can fly higher by adding a balloon. And with every 5 wrong letters a bird might come and pop a balloon! Or you can start of with a lot of balloons, and you must fly across the map. If you guess a wrong letter one will pop, and you might not make it!

Helium hangman



  • Sometimes stick figures make more fun than beautiful drawings. (especially with kids)
  • You don’t always have to include the negative consequences, we find it can help classes participate and try more though. It depends on your students, if you make them too negative some might be reluctant to try.

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