Grammar Casino

Nothing like the thrill of betting it all on your beliefs to win it all! This game is very versatile and although it is usually used for grammar, you can definitely modify it to suit a range of topics! Warning: may need some prep time.

Simple Rules:

  • In pairs or in teams, students can read a word, sentence, or series of words.
  • After they read it, they will bet money on whether it is correct or incorrect. You can use anything as the money, fake bills from board games to tokens or chips. It’s funner if they are tangible items!
  • If they bet correctly they can win more money or tokens. If they get it wrong, teacher (or the house) will win the money.
  • If the sentence is correct, it is important they read it. If it is incorrect, give them a chance to show how to fix it.

General Advice:

  1. You may do this on worksheets, or as a class together on the board. It might be worth doing worksheets the first time as it could be easier to get the flow of things. There are many printable resources, or you can create your own. We attached a simple example, they don’t take long to make.

Grammar Casino (pdf)
Grammar Casino (word)

  1. Keep your teaching props, like fake money, in a convenient location!


Idea submitted by Catrina Caira, an English teacher in Hokkaido, Japan!

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