Shark Game

How we play:

It’s exactly how hangman game works. However, it’s children we’re working with. Don’t kill innocent people!
Hence the shark. What you need is white(black)board, marker(chalk for blackboard) and magnet(s).
Draw a 3~5 steps stairs, and a very scary shark. Right hand side is top then down to left hand side. Put the magnets on top of the stairs. Shark will be waiting for the magnets below the stairs.
Students (groups or whole class) are responsible of magnets’ life. If students make a mistake, the magnet moves one step towards shark. If they ask for a hint, it goes one step down. Whichever team saves their magnet wins.
You can use this for spelling practice like usual hangman, or if you’re teaching younger children(pre-school) then you can add listening skill into it. The teacher pronounces the word to make it easier for them.
Also, if you want them to do long sentence, then you can give them 5 lives and the team who lost all lives loses.

Hungry Shark

Advice and tips:

Start with easy words that they can use basic phonics such as dog, cat, mat, etc. Also try stick to the words that you are learning for the week/month.


Submitted by Fumi Kobayashi!
Previously Fumi has taught in Jamaica as an environmental educator and English in Japan! Specialising with kids!

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